“Believe in your dreams, they were given to you for a reason.”

-Katrina Mayer

It’s time to Move YOUR Ideas and Dreams Into Action  


I know you and I am you!

✻ I have spent 40 years in business and life dreaming, dreaming dreaming……..and what a fun journey it has been!  These dreams used to roll around my head, jump out onto an occasional sticky note or journal page and sometimes get stuck...without the time to grow them and nurture them.

✻ And then it happened...I found a way to practice idea growth and manifestation without the painful stuckness and with ease and joy.  I call it my Process on Purpose and it works!  Now my big dreams and crazy ideas have a path to movement and action...and they continue to fill my life with FUN, philanthropy and amazing adventures.

✻ And like me. I know your head and heart are full of dreams and ideas….and you just need some help!  Perhaps for you it is time to get some new skills and loving experienced support and to MOVE your ideas into Action!  


I Finally Had To Do Something BIG


For years people have asked me to be a coach or mentor and I have been so busy running my world that helping so many individuals was impossible...


Finally, I chose to really stretch and learn a whole new delivery system, and I am so I am so excited to produce my first global online course!  I really had a blast creating it with all of the surprises and the help of my friends. And now we can have friends all over the world unite in helping each other!
And you know I love to Do Good & Have Fun... so for every student we are donating to Threads Worldwide to support women helping women in the world!


“Betsy is my favorite American ally!  She is bringing her energy, experience, and processes to my new company The Big Dream and we love our partnership.”


-James Kupczyk, Founder of The Big Dream


You are here, this is the right place and I have organized my Process on Purpose for YOU.  Now in my six-part course MOVE Ideas Into Action you will get ROCKING with the skills and new exercises and creative community to help you manifest the life you LOVE and get all the benefits:


You will learn to think differently and reset your mindset to believe in the power of your ideas and dreams


You will engineer backward from what you want to experience and then create the ideas to get you there


  You will have so many ways to PLAY with your ideas and dreams to add energy, expansion your current thoughts and even MORE ideas


Then we will learn to communicate POWER-filled messages to be heard and remembered


Finally, I will take you behind the scenes of my life and share how I  build momentum with community and connections


You can really do this and I can show you how!  Your ideas are ready to ROCK and you deserve a loving community to surround you with the tools and inspiration to make it fun. This Process on Purpose is my very own creation and there is nothing just like it in the world!  And the course is filled with the help and stories from 13 of my MOVEr friends, people who have MOVED their ideas into action.  Wait till you experience the FUN and energy...it is really PRICELESS!

Simple Disclaimer... All For You, By You, In Your Time

Now I cannot do this process for you, but I can give you my own experiences, my Secret Sauce on what I learned and my tools from art to speaking from creation to community!  This is set up to be on your timetable and at your pace.  So these Sessions can go fast or slow...and you can work on any ideas or projects for business and life.  

I'm Ready To Bring My Ideas Into Action


“The future belongs to those who believe in the power of their dreams.”


-Eleanor Roosevelt

Here is Exactly What You Get: 


  • Six Sessions of video teaching to be watched on any device at your pace and on your time


  • Each Session has:

    • Opening Ritual with Betsy and her “Secret Sauce” for success
    • Grounding and movement exercise by Dr Deb Kern
    • A playlist for your creation VIBE
    • An interview to share the story with one of my successful MOVEr friends
      • Enjoy their STEW Story and podcast PLUS a bonus just for you
    • A PLAY segment with Betsyto learn a skill and do exercises
    • A Closing Ritual with Betsy and ideas for application from the session for your business
    • A special artsy and inspiration gift for every Session 

Session 1


Be Possible: Create Intent Before Content


  • Be Possible Ideas Catcher exercises to teach you how to Be Possible and start capturing your ideas 
  • Next Dive Deeper to uncover intent before content...that means knowing what you want your ideas to provide BEFORE diving into developing them.  
  • Next we create our Why, determine allies and capture the most important ideas on Betsy Mini Art Board
  • Meet MOVEr Cathy Hawk learn about her idea Clarity International
  • Gift of some Betsy art
  • Homework:  Gather our Creation Kit of supplies for the rest of the course of paper, magazines, a glue stick or glue, stickers, old greeting cards or notes, stamps and ink if you choose, one box and a journal.  

Session 2  


Building Your Power-filled Foundation 


  • Begin with our MOVEr podcast host, business coach and energy healer Amy Schuber to release any blocks to your most creative self.
  • PLAY with making Power-filled Purpose Vision Boards to “see” our dreams and ideas. 
  • The gift is an inspiring poem in a beautiful art layout called Infinite Possibilities by Carol Calkins.

Session 3  


Interact & Energize YOUR Ideas 


  • Begin with our MOVEr Sharon Fisher from PLAY with a Purpose in Orlando, FLorida.  Sharon has an entire business based on PLAY and she will share the important energies it brings to ideas.  
  • PLAY with making a Betsy-creation with 3-D Vision Boxes.  We will actually learn how to add energy to our idea as we “make a home” for them and start building on our basics. 
  • The gift comes in the mail and we are keeping it a surprise.  Think tools to PLAY with for the course and for life!

Session 4  


Practice Makes Progress


  • Begin with MOVEr Carol Calkins who became a poet at age 60!  She changed her mindset and took action and produced 5 poetry books as well as her own HeartPoems card inserts.  
  • PLAY with making Betsy-style Dream Big Daily Journals that we will first make and then fill as our daily practice of growing our dreams continues. 
  • The gift is an inspiring poem in a beautiful art layout called Reach For The Stars by Carol Calkins. 

Session 5  


Message Matters 


  • Start with learning how to create effective and memorable communications with your own FUN Style points.  Betsy has a  “formula” from her years of public speaking and podcasting that will teach you how to be fast, easy and impactful.  
  • Hear impactful communications with interviews of six of Betsy’s MOVEr friends.  Learn how they moved their ideas into action.  
  • Enjoy:
    • Maria Borrego, Gallery On the Go
    • Pat Jaques, ADV Woman
    • Jo Packham, Creator & Editor-In-Chief, Women Create Magazine
    • Cindy Tyler, Vervante
    • Kali WIlcox, Spirited SIlver
    • Hazel Miller, Award-winning Jazz Singer/Songwriter 
  • The gift is another beautiful piece of Betsy inspirational art

Session 6


Community & Connections


  • Begin with MOVERs Kara Valentine and Angela Melfi, founders of Threads Worldwide.  Two best friends had a BIG IDEA on their travels to Guatemala and now they empower hundreds of women to make jewelry to earn a fair wage and support their families.  For every student we donate to support Threads Worldwide as the MOVE Ideas Into Action course Charity Partners.
    • Betsy shares the importance of a give to get philosophy and her  personal case studies of ideas, the behind the scenes Secret Sauce helpful details, and what she learned to help you on your journey..  The case studies include:
  •  6 Ways to build a vibrant Community
  •  6 Ways to build Connections that Count
    • The gifts to celebrate your course completion will be surprises of course!


“I have worked with Betsy for over 15 years and I know her heart for service with style.  This course is a natural path to serving even more people who desire ideas, insights, new skills and community.”


-Cathy Hawk, Clarity International

THIS Community Of MOVErs Are Ready To Support YOU And Your Dreams

Become A Part Of Our Community Now

Extra Special Bonuses… One Could Say They Are Priceless!


Valued over $3600


It is impossible to even value the array of fantastic bonuses in this course

Bonus 1:  Creative MOVEr Community   


Value Over $1500


  • Connect with us and your other participants in our Private Facebook Group 


  • 6 LIVE one-hour Wednesday night connection calls with Betsy on Zoom (6 pm MST)

Bonus 2:  Betsy Wiersma Art and Inspirational Tools   


Value $500


  • Downloads of 5 more of Betsy’s original Art on Purpose mixed-media pieces for framing or to use in your digital world
    • 24/7 Access to her deeper-dive online Powerful Purpose Vision Board class with even more examples.  Great for groups!
    • 2 of her very special products mailed to you
    • Brand new e-book Big Ideas Playbook built only for this course 

Bonus 3:  The Big Dream Digital Vision Board   


Value $100


  • Downloads of 5 more of Betsy’s original Art on Purpose mixed-media pieces for framing or to use in your digital world
    • 24/7 Access to her deeper-dive online Powerful Purpose Vision Board class with even more examples.  Great for groups!
    • 2 of her very special products mailed to you
    • Brand new e-book Big Ideas Playbook built only for this course 

SUPER Bonus 4:  75 Products and Services From Our 13 MOVEr Teachers     


Value $1500


  • 13 of our guest teacher MOVErs each have bonuses for you:
    • Dr Deb Kern
    • Carol Calkins   
    • Maria Borrego
    • Cathy Hawk
    • Amy Schuber
    • Rhonda Sheya
    • Kali Wilcox
    • Sharon Fisher
    • Pat Jaques
    • Jo Packham
    • Cindy Tyler
    • Hazel Miller
    • Kara Valentine and Angels Melfi
I'm Ready To Take Action


“Betsy has challenged me to grow in my business and in my personal life, and I am so happy to see her bring this course to the world.”

-Sharon Fisher, Play With A Purpose

Ready to GO!  Ready for ROI?

Return On Ideas


If you Are ready to:


✓ Take some time just for YOU 

✓ Take your dreams ideas into the world with my proven Process on Purpose

Then join me and my best MOVEr friends for this course MOVE Ideas Into Action and get all of the fantastic bonuses!


The investment for the six sessions PLUS the priceless bonuses is one payment of $297 or our easy payment plan of four payments of just $89.

  • PLUS for every student we are donating to Threads Worldwide to support women helping women in the world!  

YOU are doing good & having fun with us!


This is an investment in YOU for your life and business and we promise you will get HUGE ROI: Return on Ideas!  

scroll to the bottom of this page and sign up for MOVE Ideas Into Action. You’ll be asked to choose your desired payment option and fill out your payment information.


How It Works


◆ As soon as you’ve signed up for MOVE Ideas Into Action you’ll get instant access to the member area where you can set up your own username and password. 

◆ Next, we will send you an onboarding email with all the access details and links to your first Session and all the SUPER COOL bonuses

◆ You can then join our private Facebook group where you’ll be able to introduce yourself and we can start to connect. 

◆ And of course right when you join, you’ll receive and can explore the over $3600 worth of free bonuses.

◆ You’ll be plugged into a community of like-minded people who all have a similar vision and goals as you: let’s MOVE our Dreams and Ideas Into the world and have fun along the way. 

◆ In total, you will have 6 Sessions of hour-long video training, broken down into small parts that you can access 24/7 from your member area. The small, bite-size chunks make it easy to fit into your schedule so you never feel overwhelmed.  You can go faster or take more time and go SLOW!

So If you feel like this is your time and this course is a match for you, continue to the bottom of this page and register for MOVE Ideas Into Action with our priceless free bonuses and gobs of support extra and surprises.

Now, the good news is that my free videos about my Process on Purpose plus the help of my many friends has built great interest in my course and a huge list of potential students who are ready to ROCK their ideas into the world.  

The truth is I simply can’t accept too many students and still provide the help and support that you need in order to get the results that you want with using my Process on Purpose. We will have a small and mighty course so I can make sure everyone gets results. I simply don’t have capacity for more. The course is going to start soon, so time is a factor. 

So if you’re truly interested in learning my Process and getting support from my people, you have to act as soon as possible to get your spot.

Students are accepted on a first-come, first IN basis…...so act NOW

Again if MOVE Ideas Into Action is a match for you, click on the button under this video, Register and get started enjoying the over $3600 of Free Bonuses.  

We cannot wait to support you to get huge ROI: Return on YOUR Ideas!

Unfortunately, Betsy's Move Ideas Into Action has closed for registration, but stay connected for future surprises and opportunities!