Who is Betsy Wiersma?

"We are the music makers and we are the dreamers of dreams." Willy Wonka

Betsy is a social entrepreneur, podcaster, artist and maker, marketing maven, expert convener, community organizer, strategic philanthropist, and relentless cheerleader.

Known for her BIG IDEAS and ability to rally people around a common cause, Betsy is the founder of the CampExperience™ Network.  With her Network Betsy has raised over $1 million for charities in Colorado and around the world.  Betsy has also created the Global Sisterhood Podcast Network with her flagship Boost Power Podcast, her Art on Purpose brand and her Wiersma Experiences workshops and retreats.

A Note From Betsy

All about LOVE

If you take inventory of the best times of your life and your best memories, my guess is they are experiences! When you attend a retreat or workshop, take a course, travel, learn, explore, grow, taste, and understand, you change every cell in your body. And as you rejoice, relax, achieve, conquer, gain perspective or master a new skill, you grow and open new possibilities for your life.  

Experiences are the spice of a happy and joy-filled life. I am a happiness catalyst. 

I also believe in LOVE:  love of self, love for your family and community and love for the possibility of a rich and joy-filled life.  My motto is Dream BIG Live BIG. And I have dedicated my life to staging and helping you host memorable experiences that you will LOVE!

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Recent Adventures

In 2021, Betsy was featured in Where Women Create magazine in a 12-page spread called “The Power of &.”  She shares how her journey to find her inner artist was healing and expanding.  And you get a glimpse into her belief that anything is possible when you start with a dream.  Her style of “Dreaming BIG” is the basis for her online course MOVE Ideas Into Action. hhh hhhhhhhhhhh

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In 2020, Betsy authored The STEW: Smart Talk Exceptional Women, a 200+ page tabletop book featuring her art and the insights of 62 storytellers. Betsy wrote the college textbook Exceptional Events: Concept to Completion, and has led workshops in Italy, Korea, Singapore, New Zealand, The Netherlands, Germany, Canada, Scotland, Jamaica, Spain, Australia, Norway, and cities throughout the United States.

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