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Now is the new later. You are ready to move your ideas and dreams into the world, and we are ready to help you with our proven Process on Purpose. Watch these videos below to get a taste of what this course is all about or head over to register!

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Enjoy part 1 of her series to start moving your ideas into action where Betsy introduces her Process on Purpose that has helped her innovate ideas and live her dreams all over the world.

Join Betsy and in her Process on Purpose and get your ideas moving with this exercise call Be Possible Idea Catcher. Get some paper and something to write with and let's GO!

Join me to hear the part of my Process on Purpose I call the "Secret Sauce." I use this technique for each and every idea and now you can use it too to take your ideas into action.

The world needs you!  You are gifted with new ideas and dreams and new ways to make an impact.  NOW is your time to shine.  With some simple steps and some fun creative exercises, you will get the new skills you need to MOVE Ideas into Action in your business and your life.

Betsy Wiersma is here to share her entire Process on Purpose that she uses for innovation in her life and business. Now you can see how these six key stages take every ideas easily into action.

In her idea development video series, Betsy Wiersma shares a case study of a colleague who used her Process on Purpose to keep her dreams alive when navigating tough times. Enjoy her helpful tips to get your ideas moving into action.

In this video Betsy Wiersma reviews her Process on Purpose that she developed and has used for 40 years to create ideas and businesses around the globe. Betsy answers your questions about her upcoming course MOVE Ideas Into Action.

I was fortunate to participate in Betsy's course and was inspired  by her and her team to rekindle my creativity, vision and dreams of what could be...The Art of Possibility ...in both my personal and professional development. 
Being able to create a Vision Board was simply "funtastic" and  I plan to use this tool in both my college classes and in my side hustle, which is an online course customized for those desiring a "second chance"to make a career pivot.
- Tom Pickering Adjunct Professor, Pierce College, WA and Co-founder of Chance 2 Career Academy.

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For years I was dreaming all the time about so many ideas and so many things. I experienced the “stuck” and frustration of not knowing how to get things started.  I knew I needed some positive self-talk to believe I could make a difference.  And I wanted a process to stay in creation and move into the easy flow of manifestation.  And then….I found it!  I developed and have proven my Process on Purpose to move anyone’s dreams and ideas into action.

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